Blustream's Product Experience Platform

Blustream’s Product Experience Platform completes the customer journey by filling in the blanks after a sale – from onboarding, to enjoying, to maintaining the product.

For the first time, you can understand your product and customer lifecycle and communicate product alerts, education, and purchase recommendations that increase satisfaction, loyalty, and sales.

Improve Retention

Build brand loyalty and increase sales by delivering the right product information at the right time.

Simplify Support

Understand how customers use their products and create product journey templates that increase post-sale engagement.

New Sales Channel

Connect directly with your customers as they use your product and offer informed purchase recommendations.

How It Works

Blustream is an end-to-end product solution experience. Our tech platform and rapid adoption tools let you focus on what you do best - provide value to your customers.

Product Journey Manager

Setup and activate Product Journey Templates that power your product-to-customer engagement experience.

Real-World-Data Connectors

Connect to any data source for product usage, environment, time, and/or IoT sensor information.

Product Experience

Onboard: successful introduction
Enjoy: purchase recommendations
Maintain: tips and alerts

Analytics Portal

Actionable insights to power your business, engage your customers, and inform innovation.

Customer Relationship

Blustream helps you build longer-lasting, more meaningful relationships with your customers by supporting their product experience after they buy.

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