Connect Directly with Your Customer When it Matters Most

Blustream’s cloud understands product usage and powers leading brands to communicate to their customers with support, tips, and purchase recommendations in real-time and in-context of using their products. This drastically improves the product experience.

Great product experience should last throughout ownership. For the first time, Blustream enables you to support the entire product lifecycle.

Improve Retention

Build brand loyalty and increase sales by delivering the right product information at the right time.

Simplify Support

Understand how customers use their products and create personalized care plans that increase post-sales engagement.

New Sales Channel

Connect directly with your customers as they use your product and offer informed purchase recommendations.

How It Works

Blustream connects brands as product experts with their customers by automatically providing the best way to proactively care for products. Deployment and insights are quickly delivered via the cloud and our Product Care Configurator enables any product to use mobile and to be IoT-connected. Billions of product and user data points power the insights and recommendations engine.


We give all products a voice whether you have an app or IoT-connected product, or not. Our cloud-based Product Care Configurator quickly creates a tailored product experience platform to connect you with your customers.


Blustream allows you to educate your customers about product care, present them with in-app buying opportunities, and provide product support. The right message at the right time is finally possible in the context of product experience.


Blustream’s platform compiles product data that helps you understand how customers use your products. The platform provides data on when and how a product is used, its environment, and what it needs for optimal enjoyment.


Blustream surfaces valuable insights that give you a more complete view of your customers’ preferences and use habits, which informs product innovation and improves product adoption.

Personalized Product Care

By supporting the owner's journey through the entire lifecycle of their products, we help you build longer more meaningful relationships with your customers.

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