Turning Product Fans Into Product Fanatics

The early pandemic pushed a lot of retailers, and the technology companies that serve them, to think about new ways to engage and serve customers across the board. 

What we’re seeing now are new ways of shopping (curbside pick-up, local delivery, etc.) at our favorite local retailers, and more streamlined, technology-driven communication. During the pandemic, it became more important than ever for retailers to find new ways to engage creatively and intelligently with customers they were used to seeing regularly face-to-face. 

How can retailers best capitalize on this new technology to reach customers?

Enter Blustream. 

A New Way to Connect with Customers 

Blustream creates unmatched post-purchase experiences by automating contextual product engagement via SMS messaging. 

With Blustream, businesses can start conversations with customers based on unique product-based triggers related to product usage, weather, and more. This relevant data about customers allows them to help drive new opportunities and turn product fans into product fanatics.

Blustream is uniquely positioned to help businesses reach engaged customers eager to learn about and care for their products. This includes:

  • Beginners: New product users and DIY enthusiasts need support, especially when the product is complex, rare, or related to a hobby. 
  • Ongoing Care: There are touchpoints throughout the lifecycle of many products that Blustream can help manage.
  • Critical Care: When products break, malfunction, or require important safety checks, Blustream can actively assist with troubleshooting and repairs.

How It Works

Companies configure unique touchpoint journeys for their customers who are dynamically assisted along the lifecycle of their product with SMS messages for continued success and enjoyment. Real-world data triggers product messages including alerts, educational tips, appointment reminders, and purchase recommendations throughout every stage of a product’s needs.

With Blustream, businesses can get answers from customers about how and when they are using their products and segment dynamically based on complex product lifecycle events and responses to questions. We use Machine Learning and AI to optimize customer experiences. It is built specifically to handle high-volume user/product data ingestion. Our technology empowers businesses with two-way, automated engagement, with segmentation based on a complex combination of customer responses, and unique triggers like weather and IoT data.

Blustream In Action

Let’s see this in action. 

Historically, new pet owners struggle to find reliable and timely information to care for pets. Roughly half of fish die in the first month of ownership. 

Before Blustream 

Becky has always dreamed of having a beautiful tank of tropical fish. She does her research, saves her money, and invests in a tank and everything necessary to be successful.

When Becky gets home, she fills her tank with water. Shortly after, she realizes she placed the tank in a poor location and can't easily move it. She begins to doubt her ability to make her dream come true.

Over the next month, Becky runs into issues with her new tank, each time getting more discouraged. One by one her fish die off. Becky gives up and sells her equipment out of frustration.

With Blustream

Becky has always dreamed of having a beautiful tank of tropical fish. She does research, saves money, and invests in a tank and everything necessary to be successful.

When Becky gets home, she scans a QR code found on her recent purchase, gets expert advice about set-up, and recommended supplies purchases she needs.

Over the next month, Becky engages over SMS, sharing information about her tank and other equipment, and receives critical care advice that helps her fish thrive.

Get Started Today

Blustream helps businesses create net promoters who drive lifetime value and increase market share. Through personalized engagement, Blustream enables businesses to provide recommendations that resonate, building loyalty and cross-sell/up-sell opportunities.

Get started with Blustream today: https://meetings.hubspot.com/tcraig3 

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