Blustream's Latest Feature: The Message Preview Tool

Introducing Blustream’s latest feature, the message preview tool! Use it to send yourself individual messages in your journey without having to wait for the whole journey to run first. When you send yourself an SMS, you’ll get to experience that message exactly as though you were a contact. Test out all the different paths and quick responses in your journey or throw strange answers at it to trigger the default response. Polish your message content until it captures your brand’s identity perfectly. Testing messages just got so much easier.

To use this feature, load up the Touchpoint Manager. Below each touchpoint’s name is a new button called “Test now.” Click on it. From the list of contacts, check the box next to your own name and click “Send.”

After a few seconds, your phone should buzz with a new text! Respond to this message to test quick replies. If there’s something you don’t like, head back to the Touchpoint Manager to change any message and send it again. Sometimes iOS and Android can format texts differently, so grab a friend’s phone to double check that the SMS is formatted the way you want.

The message preview tool is the fastest way to tune your copy before it ends up in the hands of your customers.

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