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Digitize the Unboxing and Ongoing Care Experience for Your Pet Business

Imagine if you could be by your pet parents' side as they bring home their new furry, scaled, or feathered friend?

...with Blustream, now you can!

Blustream digitizes the unboxing experience to create amazing after-sale impressions and long-term customer relationships.

We use unique pet-specific data, like the length of ownership, location, size, breed, personality type and more, to keep you engaged with your new pet parents from day one. From keeping their pet happy and healthy to educating them on the frequency of feedings, you can be by your pet parents’ side each step of the way.

Want to let a new puppy parent know that their furry friend may be scared of the upcoming thunderstorm? Done.

Or that fish owners need to change the water in their tank? Check.

How about a link to the best escape-proof cages for a lizard? You got it. We all know reptiles are escape artists, after all!

With Blustream, you can stay connected to your pet parents with personalized product messages, including tips, alerts, and purchase recommendations, sent at exactly the right time.

Try a one-week digital unboxing experience as a pet owner. Give us a shout and we’ll start you on a personalized experience, just like you’ve always wanted for your customers.

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Why Choose Blustream?

Blustream builds active, ongoing connections between pet companies and their customers using personalized messages sent at exactly the right time.

We know that you want to help your pet parents. But you can’t be there for them every step of the way.

Instead of sending new pet owners home with a few pamphlets, Blustream immediately connects you with your customers. We use data from your customers’ new pets or pet products to send personalized messages, including educational tips, alerts, and purchase recommendations, to drastically increase value for new pet owners.

Tips on how to best take care of their new pet

Alerts based on the pet’s age, size, breed, seasonal needs, and more

Purchases based on how long the pet owner has had their new friend

With Blustream pet companies can connect with their customers at every stage of owning a pet – from taking care of a new puppy to grooming, and everything in between

Double Your Revenue

Our recommendation engine allows you to choose the perfect time to cross-sell and upsell associated products, like new cages, pet food, and more, to pet parents exactly when they need it.

Improve Retention

Engage with pet owners using personalized messages to create incredible experiences to increase retention. Almost everyone we know became a “Dog Mom” during the pandemic – let’s help them out!!

Increase Referrals.

With Blustream, you’ll become a trusted resource for your pet parents, leading to increased referrals and long-term loyal customers.

Blustream in Action


The pandemic led to unprecedented amounts of new pet parents, with many purchasing their furry friends in the spur of the moment without much research or guidance. 

Many pet companies were left in the dark without an opportunity to share recommendations and insights with their customers about how to best take care of their new puppy. 

By digitizing the unboxing experience, Blustream gives pet businesses access to personalized pet data to understand the relationship between pet owners and their new companions. This data automatically triggers personalized messages to customers throughout the pet-owner relationship. 

Becoming a dog owner

Our platform triggers messages from your brand the second a new pet owner walks through the door with their new puppy. From educational videos on how to set up puppy pads to tips on the best dog foods based on the puppy’s breed, we are there every step of the way with personalized messages to pet owners. 

All we need is the dog’s breed, age, and weight, and we’ll take it from there! Pet owners will be relieved that they have a trusted resource helping them with their new pet. 

Enjoying time with your furry friend

We want pet owners to enjoy every second with their pets! Our platform takes the stress out of helping your pet owners make the most of their relationships with their dogs. 

We’ll send reminders when there is an impending storm, or if the Fourth of July is fast-approaching, to make sure your pet owners are prepared if their dog is frightened by the noise. 

Taking care of your dog 

Taking care of a pet isn’t easy. Over time, our recommendation engine starts to understand the unique relationship between each dog owner and their new best friend. 

We’ll be at the ready to send best practices on taking care of their dog at every stage of their life. 

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