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Let Your Instruments Create Lasting Customer Connections

Blustream provides a direct connection between you and your customers.

We use product usage data, like how much your customers are playing, skill level, and other triggers to determine personalized product messages, including educational tips, alerts, and purchase recommendations, throughout the lifecycle of the instrument.

Want to tell customers to store their instruments properly before a heatwave? Done. 

Or when owners should consider new strings or reeds after playing their new instruments? Check.

How about providing a link to buy a cleaning kit or suggesting a few lesson videos right after they unboxed their new instrument? You got it.

Blustream connects the instruments your customers purchased in-store or online to useful and insightful content throughout the lifecycle of their instrument -- from onboarding to enjoying and maintaining. We use product usage data, like the weather near your customers, how much they’re playing, skill level, and other triggers to determine optimal product touchpoints, including educational tips, alerts and purchase recommendations. 

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Why Choose Blustream?

Blustream builds active, ongoing connections between companies and their customers. The Blustream Product Engagement Platform ingests millions of product usage data points to trigger personalized product messages at exactly the right time, increasing revenue, referrals, and retention.

Double Your Revenue

Our recommendation engine allows you to choose the perfect time to cross-sell and up-sell associated products, like cleaning kits, new strings, and more, to musicians exactly when they need it, increasing overall revenue.

Increase Retention

Engage with your customers using personalized product messages to create incredible experiences to increase retention. Your one-time users just became loyal musicians and brand advocates.

Triple Customer Lifetime Value

Decrease your customer churn and increase profits while simultaneously reducing high re-marketing budgets. Why spend money marketing to customers you already have? Set up your product usage data triggers once and watch your LTV grow.

Blustream in Action


Many guitar retailers lack the opportunity to connect with their customers following the sale. Outside of a customer service inquiry or broken instrument, retailers and brands are left in the dark, with no insights or understanding of how the customer is using their instrument.

These companies have zero opportunity to cross-sell associated items, provide recommendations, or even give a tip to move their guitar away from the window.

Blustream gives these brands access to product usage data to understand how frequently their customers are playing their instruments. This data automatically triggers personalized messages to customers, including tips, alerts, and purchase recommendations.

Tips on how to best use the product, whether they just unboxed the product or have been using it for years.

Alec just opened up his new guitar. His phone pings with a video showing him how to string his new instrument. Off the bat, he’s impressed that Brand ABC has proactively reached out to him with this educational video!

Alerts based on how frequently they are using the product or where they are located.

A storm is headed to Alec’s area. While he’s busy battening down the hatches, he notices a new message from Brand ABC. The team recommends he move his instrument away from any windows to avoid leaks or drips. Great suggestion, he thinks, and makes sure his guitar is safely tucked away in its case.

Purchase recommendations based on overall product usage.

Alec has been jamming on his guitar every day for the past six months. He’s focused on landing a new chord progression, but his phone buzzes with a new Brand ABC message. He knows that the company has been sending helpful messages, so he immediately opens the text. Brand ABC has congratulated him on how quickly he has picked up this new instrument and mentioned that it may be time to restring the guitar, with a link to purchase new strings. Alec immediately purchases the new strings, and then texts his friend who is thinking about getting a guitar of his own about Brand ABC.

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