Nov 2021

3 Ways Physical Product Teams Leverage Product Usage Data

Product usage data is the key to unlocking revenue & retention for brands selling physical products – from customer satisfaction to cross-sell and upsell.
Nov 2021

Blustream.io Launches Early Access Program

Early Access to New Platform Allows Companies Selling Physical Products to Leverage Product Usage Data
Sep 2021

15 Terms Every Marketing & CX Professional Should Know

Here are the top 15 terms every marketing and customer experience (CX) pro should know before building out an after-sale product engagement strategy.
Jul 2021

The Importance of First-Party Data in Marketing

Blustream enables marketers to leverage first-party data throughout the product lifecycle by collecting data from the product itself.
Jun 2021

The Three R’s of Creating a Recurring Revenue Model

The secret sauce to creating engaging, long-term relationships with customers lies in the three ‘Rs’ -- retention, revenue, and referrals.
May 2021

What Is After-Sale Product Engagement? 

Through after-sale product engagement, businesses can use purchased products to strengthen their customer relationships.