Dec 2020

Tom Folliard and Kyle York Join the Blustream Board of Directors

Folliard and York to Add Business, SaaS and Startup Expertise to Blustream Board.
Nov 2020

Redefining CX: Using Product Data to Build Relationships

Retailers can now leverage data from purchased products to strengthen relationships and deliver better customer experiences.
Nov 2020

Why Aren’t Products Telling Us What They Need?

Physical goods have the opportunity to transcend traditional boundaries, as smart-connected products are ushering in a new era of improved customer experience.
Oct 2020

Your Real Relationship With Your Customer Begins After Sale

Once a customer reaches the end of the sales journey, nurturing the after-sale customer experience is the key to maintaining long-term customer relationships.
Oct 2020

Latest Funding Will Drive Product Usage Data and Customer Experience

This week’s $3 million funding announcement sets the stage for a continued digital transformation of physical products, and we’re ecstatic to be at the forefront of this technology. 
Oct 2020

Blustream Raises $3 Million to Bridge the Customer Experience Gap

Product Usage Data Connects Brands and Customers to Create Meaningful After-Sale Engagements