Mar 2021

How to Connect to Your Customers With After-Sale Product Engagement

Blustream’s after-sale product engagement platform creates unprecedented, high-value brand-to-customer relationships following the sale.
Feb 2021

Maximize Your Brand’s Content to Create Valuable Customer Connections

Brands have the opportunity to create a high-value after-sale connection, providing the right information at exactly the right time for their customers.
Feb 2021

Use Your Products to Stay Connected to Your Customers

The product is what fuels the customer experience following the sale, and just like the customer lifecycle, products also have a post-sale lifecycle.
Jan 2021

Product Touchpoints: How to Connect With Customers at the Right Time

Brands can create post-sale product touchpoints using content at their fingertips to drive engagement between the consumer and their product.
Dec 2020

Product Personalization: The Next Wave of Marketing in 2021

In 2021, IoT capabilities will enhance the connection between the brand and the buyer, creating a new surge of innovation for physical goods.
Dec 2020

Tom Folliard and Kyle York Join the Blustream Board of Directors

Folliard and York to Add Business, SaaS and Startup Expertise to Blustream Board.
Nov 2020

Redefining CX: Using Product Data to Build Relationships

Retailers can now leverage data from purchased products to strengthen relationships and deliver better customer experiences.
Nov 2020

Why Aren’t Products Telling Us What They Need?

Physical goods have the opportunity to transcend traditional boundaries, as smart-connected products are ushering in a new era of improved customer experience.
Oct 2020

Your Real Relationship With Your Customer Begins After Sale

Once a customer reaches the end of the sales journey, nurturing the after-sale customer experience is the key to maintaining long-term customer relationships.
Oct 2020

Latest Funding Will Drive Product Usage Data and Customer Experience

This week’s $3 million funding announcement sets the stage for a continued digital transformation of physical products, and we’re ecstatic to be at the forefront of this technology. 
Oct 2020

Blustream Raises $3 Million to Bridge the Customer Experience Gap

Product Usage Data Connects Brands and Customers to Create Meaningful After-Sale Engagements 
Oct 2020

How to Loop Customers in For Good With Product Usage Data

Leveraging real-world data from the product provides continuous knowledge to the brand, so the brand can give their customer ongoing, unprecedented customer experiences based on product usage, maintenance, and user feedback.
Sep 2020

Superior Customer Satisfaction Leads to Lasting Customer Relationships

In a recent study, 34 percent of leading businesses said their customer journey was a top priority for 2020. Whether you’re building audiences, speeding up sales, or increasing retention, customer journey management is needed to stand out and grow.
Sep 2020

Focus on the Existing Customer and Have a Customer for Life

With today’s available real-world-data from sensors, time, the weather, and user-feedback on mobile apps, companies can offer full customer lifecycle management—an infinite closed-loop relationship with their consumers.
Sep 2020

Stop Wasting Money on Re-Marketing to Your Customers

As brands work toward implementing better remarketing tactics and customer engagement, they should make it a priority to understand who their customers are. When they do, they’re set up for success in today's hyper-focused marketing world.
Aug 2020

How Good Customer Engagement Begins With The Product

In today’s retail landscape, there’s no courting the customer. However, brands now have the chance to create a valuable relationship with their customer around the one connection they share – the product.
Aug 2020

What Does Customer-Centric Mean?

Customer-centricity is an approach that emphasizes customer satisfaction at all stages of the customer experience. If you want to avoid the pitfalls of poor customer satisfaction, it may be time to consider a customer-centric approach.
Aug 2020

What is After-Sale Customer Engagement?

Customer engagement has followed a fairly predictable trend, focusing on pre-sale engagement. But what if customer engagement didn’t stop after the initial sale? Through after-sale customer engagement, businesses can leverage purchased products to strengthen their customer relationships over time.
Aug 2020

How to Use Real World Data to Make the Right Recommendation at the Right Time

Companies should use real-world data to help them communicate with their customers and make the right recommendations at the right time. Doing so will help both in the short term and the long run.
Jul 2020

Why Physical Goods Companies Need To Regain A Direct Relationship With Their Customers

Brands and companies need ongoing after-sale customer engagement strategies to regain a direct connection with their customers or they may lose them forever.