Sep 2021

15 Terms Every Marketing & CX Professional Should Know

Here are the top 15 terms every marketing and customer experience (CX) pro should know before building out an after-sale product engagement strategy.
Jul 2021

The Importance of First-Party Data in Marketing

Blustream enables marketers to leverage first-party data throughout the product lifecycle by collecting data from the product itself.
Jun 2021

The Three R’s of Creating a Recurring Revenue Model

The secret sauce to creating engaging, long-term relationships with customers lies in the three ‘Rs’ -- retention, revenue, and referrals.
May 2021

What Is After-Sale Product Engagement? 

Through after-sale product engagement, businesses can use purchased products to strengthen their customer relationships.
Mar 2021

How to Connect to Your Customers With After-Sale Product Engagement

Blustream’s after-sale product engagement platform creates unprecedented, high-value brand-to-customer relationships following the sale.
Feb 2021

Maximize Your Brand’s Content to Create Valuable Customer Connections

Brands have the opportunity to create a high-value after-sale connection, providing the right information at exactly the right time for their customers.