May 2021

What Is After-Sale Product Engagement? 

Through after-sale product engagement, businesses can use purchased products to strengthen their customer relationships.
Mar 2021

How to Connect to Your Customers With After-Sale Product Engagement

Blustream’s after-sale product engagement platform creates unprecedented, high-value brand-to-customer relationships following the sale.
Feb 2021

Maximize Your Brand’s Content to Create Valuable Customer Connections

Brands have the opportunity to create a high-value after-sale connection, providing the right information at exactly the right time for their customers.
Feb 2021

Use Your Products to Stay Connected to Your Customers

The product is what fuels the customer experience following the sale, and just like the customer lifecycle, products also have a post-sale lifecycle.
Jan 2021

Product Touchpoints: How to Connect With Customers at the Right Time

Brands can create post-sale product touchpoints using content at their fingertips to drive engagement between the consumer and their product.
Dec 2020

Product Personalization: The Next Wave of Marketing in 2021

In 2021, IoT capabilities will enhance the connection between the brand and the buyer, creating a new surge of innovation for physical goods.