After-Sale Product Engagement

Do You Know What Happens After the Sale?

Improving customer experience can double your revenue in 36 months. Blustream’s After-Sale Product Engagement Platform builds active, ongoing connections between companies and their customers from purchase to product usage to maintenance.

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After-Sale Customer-Product Insights

Customer + Product Engagement Dashboard

With after-sale product engagement data at their fingertips, our customers experience excellent results, including 40% conversion rates, 30% higher revenue, and 3x LTVs.  CMOs and CROs call us “churn-busters!”

Touchpoint engagement

Powering Brands Through After-Sale Product Engagement

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Customer Relationship

Blustream helps you build longer-lasting, more meaningful relationships with your customers by supporting their product experience after they buy.

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Blustream creates exceptional value for brands and their customers.

3X Lifetime Value

25% Revenue Growth

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70 Net Promoter Score


Compelling Value

Our customers are supercharging their brands.

"Over 40% conversion rates demonstrate incredible value to our customers with personalized touchpoints."
"We achieve 30% higher revenue from automated replenishment of our after-market products."
"The financial analysis identified hundreds of millions of dollars of additional revenue from reducing churn and retaining customers."

Integrate with the other customer relationship products you love.

Blustream completes the customer engagement ecosystem with a revolutionary Product Experience Platform.

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