Introducing blustream

Your After-Sale Customer Engagement Solution

Blustream connects physical goods companies with customers through a SaaS-based Product Experience Platform.

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Know your customer and engage them at exactly the right time.

Real-world-data is monitored to trigger customer engagement actions in the customer-product relationship, including product alerts, education, and purchase recommendations at exactly the right time.

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Product Experience Platform


Flexible + Powerful End-to-End Solution

Product Journey Manager

Setup and activate Product Journey Templates that power your product-to-customer engagement experience.

Real-World-Data Connectors

Connect to any data source for product usage, environment, time, and/or IoT sensor information.

Mobile App Ready

Use our SDK to power your mobile app, or we can create a white-labeled app for you. 

Customer Data

Actionable insights to power your business, engage your customer, and inform innovation.

Customer Retention

With perfectly timed product suggestions, your customer's life-time-value increases with each purchase.

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Blustream creates amazing value for brands and their customers.

3X Life Time Value

25% Revenue Growth

70% Net Promoter Score


Customer Success

These companies are transforming their after-sale customer engagement by delivering the best product experience.

“I’ve been making guitars for over forty years, and there’s one avoidable thing seen over that time, and that’s damage; damage caused by temperature, humidity, and impact. By integrating Blustream’s technology directly onto our smart battery box, we've taken a huge step in making it as easy as possible for Taylor owners to enjoy and maintain their instruments. Combined with the Taylor Guitars App, owners immediately know when their guitar is experiencing distress and how to remedy it through a robust selection of video care tutorials.”  

- Bob Taylor, President & Founder, Taylor Guitars

“Working with the Blustream team has been a great experience for us. It is our first foray into the smart technology world and working with them on the app, TKL in-app branding, and analytics has been great."

- Tommy Dougherty, VP, TKL Products 

“By partnering with Blustream on the Humiditrak product, we’ve made it easy for musicians to avoid the hazardous conditions that can lead to diminished playability repairs, and lost value to their instruments. I believe strongly that every musician should have one of these in each of their instrument cases.”

- Jim D'Addario, President, D'Addario & Co.

Integrate with the other customer relationship products you love.

Blustream completes the customer engagement ecosystem with a revolutionary Product Experience Platform.

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