Introducing blustream

Transform Your Customers’ Product Experience with Blustream

Our platform connects brands directly with customers to offer tips, alerts, product care recommendations, and purchase choices when it matters most – when customers are enjoying their products and as a result of product usage and performance.

We’re bridging the gap between product care and customer experience.

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supporting the owner's journey

Offering Customers the Right Product Care at the Right Time

Blustream gives an unprecedented connection to the customer and product visibility in the post-sale environment. Our technology delivers timely product education, care recommendations, support, and product add-ons that improve the customer experience. We empower product owners to take the best care of the things they care about.

Better Customer
Retention & Loyalty

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New Direct Sales

Reduction in Churn & Better
Customer Satisfaction

Effective Product

Increase in Sales
Conversion Rates

Targeted Purchase
"Blustream’s platform represents a new direct-to-consumer channel for us. We’re excited to lead the music industry and help our customers take care of their instruments."

— leading musical instrument company executive

“Helping pet owners succeed from day one saves pets lives, creates an amazing pet experience for customers, and drastically reduces customer churn.”

— leading pet company executive

“…players will immediately know  when their guitar is experiencing distress and importantly, how to remedy it, through a robust selection of video care tutorials.”

— leading instrument manufacturer executive

“Working with the Blustream team has been a great experience for us. It is our first foray into the smart technology world and having the Blustream team on our side has been a great thing.”

— leading product case executive